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Other groups that that represent other aspects of history during periods similar to our own

10th Essex living history group

We are a military display and living history group depicting the British Soldier in the Great War 1914 – 1918

Periods represented:

1879 group

The Group has over 60 members world wide, many of whom are descendants of men who fought on the British or Zulu side in the Anglo Zulu War. They are immensely proud of our strong relationship with both the museum and the Regiment. Their Patron is Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi.

Periods represented:

555 Company

A group of WW1 living historians who portray the soldiers who supplied, transported and trained British front-line troops throughout the conflict.

Periods represented:

Birmingham pals battalion

The Birmingham Pals are a group of dedicated military and social history enthusiasts whose aim is to educate the public about different aspects of The Great War in an entertaining and interactive way.

Periods represented:

Coldstream Guards Reenactment

Living History Society representing the Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards as they would have appeared during the Napoleonic wars.

Periods represented:

Historical maritime society

A society that demonstrates two distinct time periods. The first is the Georgian period, with the their launch. The second area that they demonstrate are the Military Canoes of the Second World War used in Combined Operations

Periods represented:

Nothe fort Artillery volunteers

The Fort Artillery in their splendid artillery uniforms amaze the Fort’s visitors with their musketry and cannon firing skills on alternate Sundays throughout the year and on occasions when the Fort holds special events.

Periods represented:

Redcoats and Revolutionaries

The Redcoats and Revolutionaries (Reds and Revs) who portray the early George III era during the American War of Independence

Periods represented:

Rifle brigade reenactment group

Rifle Brigade Reenactment group create impressions from 1830 until the end of the Russian War in 1856.

Periods represented:

Up and at 'em History

Hands-on history sessions, displays and talks for people of all ages.

Periods represented: