Boarding Pike

A long spear used for defending a ship Boarding Pike

Figure of 8

A simple heavy weapon that was used during the Napoleonic wars Figure of 8

Enfield 1859 Cutlass Bayonet

A cutlass that could be attached to the Pattern 1853 Enfield enfield 1859 cutlass Bayonet



An Enfield rifle converted for breech loading Snider–enfield



The first purpose built breechloading rifle used by the British martini–henry

long lee-enfield

Long Lee-Enfield

The first British rifle designed for using smokeless powder long lee-enfield

1900 Pattern

The last pattern of cutlass issued, and the one that is still used by the Navy today 1900 pattern

short magazine lee enfield

Short Magazine Lee Enfield

The Lee-Enfield was shortened for use as a cavalry carbine the ended up being used by everybody short magazine lee enfield

1914 pattern

1914 Pattern

It was designed as a replacement for the SMLE, but the Great War intervened 1914 pattern