The failed attempt to force the Ottoman Empire out of the war Gallipoli

Great war

Great War

The first world war between all of the great powers Great war

North sea campaign

North Sea Campaign

the naval campaign in the North Sea to maintain the blockade of Germany North sea campaign

Russian civil war

Russian Civil War

The civil war that followed the collapse of the Russian Empire Russian civil war



The era when the British Empire grew rapidly Victorian

anglo-Zulu war

Anglo-Zulu War

The war between the British Empire and the Zulu Kingdom anglo-Zulu war

east Africa campaign

East Africa Campaign

The campaign against the German Empire in East Africa east Africa campaign

first Boer war

First Boer War

The first war between the British and the Boers first Boer war

siege of Antwerp

Siege of Antwerp

After the Western front ground to a stalemate there was only one flank that could be turned, Belgium siege of Antwerp