Hawke Battalion

Hawke Battalion of the Royal Naval Division Hawke Battalion


Karteria Karteria

SMS Frauenlob

A German warship SMS Frauenlob

SMS Stettin

A German warship of WW1 SMS Stettin

SS Iris

A ferryboat used to land troops during the Great War SS Iris

CSS Shenandoah

Confederate commerce raider css Shenandoah

HHY Glasgow

His Highness's Yacht Glasgow hhy Glasgow

HMAS Sydney

A battleship of the Royal Australian Navy, and the first Australian ship to launch an aircraft while in motion hmas Sydney

HMS Achilles

HMS Achilles was the first iron ship built in Royal Naval dockyard. During her career she had more changes of her rigging and armament than any other British warship. hms Achilles

HMS Active

A square rigged ship with a steam engine hms Active

HMS Agincourt

A broadside ironclad frigate that was then turned into a training ship for young sailors. hms Agincourt

HMS Akbar

A wooden warship bought from the East India Company that became the Training Ship Akbar hms Akbar

HMS Alecto

HMS Alecto hms Alecto

HMS Alert

Screw sloop of the Cruizer class hms Alert

HMS Alexandra

She was one of the first Royal Navy ships to be equipped with an electric searchlight, and one of the last central battery ships. She was originally a Sultan-class ship, but then modified significantly and so ended up as a class in her own right. hms Alexandra

HMS Amethyst

was the lead ship of the Amethyst-class corvettes hms Amethyst

HMS Anne

A German merchant ship that was requisitioned by the Royal Navy as a Seaplane carrier during the Great War hms Anne

HMS Ardent

HMS Ardent hms Ardent

HMS Arethusa

A wooden warship that later becomes a Training Ship hms Arethusa

HMS Argus

The first aircraft carrier with a full length flight deck to be built hms Argus

HMS Ark Royal

The first purpose built seaplane carrier of the Royal Navy hms Ark Royal

HMS Arrogant

HMS Arrogant hms Arrogant


A 30 knotter destroyer built at the end of the Victorian Era hms Bat

HMS Beacon

The Beacon class were designated as composite gunvessels with iron frames and a timber shell. These were the first non-battleship vessels to have iron frames and to have watertight bulkheads. They were originally built for service in China. hms Beacon

HMS Beagle

HMS Beagle hms Beagle

HMS Beagle

A British warship of the Crimean war, but not the same as the exploration ship used by Darwin hms Beagle

HMS Ben-My-Chree

A steam packet that was requisitioned as a seaplane carrier during the Great War hms Ben-my-Chree

HMS Bittern

HMS Bittern was one of the Plover class vessels, designated as wooden gunvessels and were commanded by officers with the rank of Commander. They were the last wooden ships built for the Royal Navy. This class had twin screws, to reduce her draught. hms Bittern

HMS Black Prince

Warrior class armoured frigate 420 feet long by 58 feet wide. Like Warrior she had both a steam engine and sails with a maximum speed of 13 knots. hms Black prince

HMS Boadicea

A square rigged ship with a steam engine hms Boadicea

HMS Boscawen

Victorian Training ship hms Boscawen

HMS Brilliant

British warship used as a block ship during the First Ostend Raid hms Brilliant

HMS Britannia

The Royal Navy's officer training ship hms Britannia

HMS Camperdown

HMS Camperdown hms Camperdown

HMS Canopus

A pre-dreadnought battleship that was originally designed to be used in the Far East hms Canopus

HMS Captain

early turret battleship hms Captain

HMS Carysfort

A steel hulled Corvette hms Carysfort

HMS Chichester

A fourth rate sailing ship that would be used as a Training Ship hms Chichester

HMS Clarence

Laid down as HMS Goliath this ship later became the first training ship Clarence, a reformatory training ship on the Mersey hms Clarence

HMS Clio

A Royal Navy warship that then became an Industrial Training Ship on the Menai Straits hms Clio

HMS Condor

HMS Condor hms Condor

HMS Coquette

A composite Gunboat hms Coquette

HMS Cornwall

A warship that then becomes a reformatory ship, and after that an Industrial Training Ship hms Cornwall

HMS Cornwallis

HMS Cornwallis hms Cornwallis

HMS Cornwallis

A battleship of the Great War hms Cornwallis

HMS Cruizer

HMS Cruizer hms Cruizer

HMS Cumberland

This ship had a short naval career as she was a wooden ship when the navy was shifting over to ironclads. She was then converted for use as an Industrial Training Ship. hms Cumberland

HMS Cygnet

A victorian warship that took part in the bombardment of Alexandria hms Cygnet

HMS Decoy

One of the Ariel class ships that were designated as composite gunboats. They were commanded by officers with the rank of Lieutenant. They had better sea-going qualities than any gunboats previously built. hms Decoy


A Flatiron gunboat hms Dee

HMS Devastation

HMS Devastation hms Devastation

HMS Diamond

HMS Diamond hms Diamond

HMS Diana

A wooden warship that was considered for the role of the Training Ship Wellesley before the Cornwall was chosen hms Diana

HMS Dido

An Eclipse-class wooden screw sloop hms Dido

HMS Discovery

Artic exploration ship hms Discovery

HMS Doon

A Destroy of the Great War hms Doon

HMS Dreadnought

The warship that made all other warships obselete hms Dreadnought

HMS E No. 14

E Class submarine that operated in the Sea of Marmara during the Great War hms E no. 14

HMS Empress

A Merchant ship that was requisitioned by the Royal Navy as a Seaplane carrier during the Great War hms Empress

HMS Engadine

A merchant ship that was requisitioned as a seaplane carrier during the Great War hms Engadine

HMS Erebus

HMS Erebus hms Erebus

HMS Euryalus

A Bacchante-class iron screw corvette hms Euryalus

HMS Exmouth

A ship of the line that was later transformed into a Training Ship for boys who would have otherwise been in workhouses. hms Exmouth

HMS Falcon

She was unarmoured gunboat. Her armament was one 7 inch Muzzle-Loading Rifled (MLR) gun and two 64-pounder MLR guns. Later, she also carried several Nordenfelt machine-guns. hms Falcon

HMS Flora

A wooden Victorian ship that supplied landing parties in the Zulu War and the First Beor War hms Flora

HMS Flying Fish

A brig used for the anti-slavery patrols on the west coast of Africa during the early Victorian period hms Flying Fish

HMS Forester

A warship of the victorian era that took part in the Anglo-Zulu war hms Forester

HMS Formidable

A Victorian warship that then became the Industrial Training Ship at Portishead near Bristol hms Formidable

HMS Forte

HMS Forte hms Forte

HMS Galatea

A frigate most famous because it was commanded by the Prince of Wales hms Galatea

HMS Ganges

HMS Ganges hms Ganges

HMS Gannet

A British Warship that became the second Training Ship Mercury hms Gannet

HMS Glasgow

A cruiser of the Great War hms Glasgow

HMS Growler

A paddle steamer sloop that was used for anti-slavery patrols hms Growler

HMS Havannah

An Industrial Training Ship based in Cardiff. She was not very successful at training boys for sea hms Havannah