People and Ships

Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein

Abdullah I bin Al-Hussein, a leader of the Arab Revolt and the first king of Transjordan Abdullah bin al-Hussein


Abushiri Abushiri

Admiral Arthur Fanshawe

A British Naval officer and Admiral arthur Fanshawe

Admiral Barrington Reynolds

British naval officer who decimated the Brazilian slave trade Admiral barrington Reynolds

Admiral James Stoddart

A naval officer of the early Victorian period who served during the Opium War and on the Anti-Slavery patrols Admiral james Stoddart

Admiral Lord John Hay

naval oficer and politician Admiral lord john Hay

Admiral of the Fleet Frederick Doveton Sturdee

Admiral during the Great War and a rival of Admiral Fisher Admiral of the fleet frederick doveton Sturdee

Admiral of the Fleet Lord Walter Talbot Kerr

Naval officer of the Victorian era who served during the Crimean War, Indian Mutiny and Anglo-Egyptian War. Admiral of the fleet lord walter talbot Kerr

Admiral of the Fleet Roger John Brownlow Keyes

Admiral during the First and Second World Wars, and an opponent of appeasement Admiral of the fleet roger john brownlow Keyes

Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Michael De Robeck

Admiral during the Great War. He was principally involved with the Gallipoli campaign, and later went on to become an Admiral and Baronet Admiral of the fleet sir john michael de Robeck

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Reginald Yorke Tyrwhitt

British admiral who commanded Harwich Force during the Great War Admiral of the fleet sir reginald yorke Tyrwhitt

Admiral of the Fleet Thomas Symonds

British naval officer who served during the Crimean War Admiral of the fleet thomas Symonds

Admiral Robert Coote

A British naval officer Admiral robert Coote

Admiral Robert Smart

A naval officer who served during the reigns of four monarchs Admiral robert Smart

Admiral Robert Stopford

Admiral Robert Stopford Admiral robert Stopford

Admiral Sackville Hamilton Carden

An officer of the victorian era who commanded the naval forces during the first part of the Gallipoli Campaign Admiral sackville hamilton Carden

Admiral Sir Anthony Hiley Hoskins

A victorian naval officer who was the second in command during the bombardment of Alexandra Admiral sir anthony hiley Hoskins

Admiral Sir Claude Henry Mason Buckle

A British naval officer who commanded ships during the early victorian era as part of the Royal Navy's anti-slavery operations Admiral sir claude henry mason Buckle

Admiral Sir Victor Alexander Charles Crutchley

A British naval officer during both the first and second world wars Admiral sir victor alexander charles Crutchley

Admiral Sir William Jock Whitworth

British naval officer and Admiral during the Second World War Admiral sir william jock Whitworth

Akbar Nautical School

An approved school that replaced the training ship Akbar when it was decided to come ashore Akbar nautical school

Archibald Bisset Smith

A merchant navy captain who was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for engaging a German commerce raider Archibald Bisset Smith

Bahadur Shah Zafar

The last Mughal emperor Bahadur shah zafar

Bakht Khan

commander-in-chief of the Indian rebel forces in the region of Delhi Bakht khan

Barghash Bin Said

Sultan Barghash bin Said of Zanzibar Barghash bin said

Britannia Royal Naval College

A purpose built college in Dartmouth were all the officers of the Royal Navy are trained Britannia royal naval college

Captain Horatio Beauman Young

a naval officer of the early Victorian period who took part in the anti-slavery patrols Captain Horatio Beauman Young

Captain Roderick Dew

Captain Roderick Dew Captain Roderick Dew

Captain George Edwin Patey

A naval officer during the early victorian period who was active in the anti-slavery patrols on the west coast of Africa Captain george edwin Patey

Captain Peché Hart Dyke

A naval officer from the early victorian period Captain peché hart Dyke

Captain Robert Harris

A naval officer of the early victorian period Captain robert Harris


Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Britain Churchill

Commander Alfred Godsal

British naval officerwho commanded HMS Brilliant in the First Ostend Raid and HMS Vindictive during the Second Ostend Raid Commander alfred Godsal

Commander Francis Romilly

A British naval officer who lead the naval brigade during the First Beor War Commander francis Romilly

Dong Fuxiang

Chinese general and leader of the Boxer rebellion Dong fuxiang

Drake Battalion

Drake Battalion of the Royal Naval Division Drake Battalion

Edward Vii

King Edward VII Edward VII

Erskine Childers

British officer and Irish revolutionary Erskine Childers

Ever Victorious Army

mercenary army with European officers and Chinese soldiers Ever Victorious army

Faisal Bin Al-Hussein

Leader of the Arab Revolt and the first king of Iraq Faisal bin al-Hussein

Fakhri Pasha

Ottoman officer Fakhri pasha

Feng Yunshan

Early leader of the Taiping Rebellion Feng yunshan

Guan Tianpei

Guan Tianpei Guan tianpei


Sultan Sayyid Hamad bin Thuwaini Al-Busaid Hamid-bin-Thwain


Sultan Hamoud bin Mohammed of Zanzibar Hamoud

Hawke Battalion

Hawke Battalion of the Royal Naval Division Hawke Battalion

Hong Rengan

cousin of Hong Xiuquan Hong rengan

Hong Xiuquan

Spiritual Leader of the Taiping Rebellion Hong xiuquan

Hussein Ibn Ali

Leader of the Arab Revolt against Ottoman rule in Arabia Hussein ibn ali

Ibrahim Pasha

Ibrahim Pasha Ibrahim pasha

Isma'Il Pasha

Ruler of Egypt Isma'il pasha

James Phillips

James Phillips James Phillips

John Henry Carless

John Henry Carless won the Victoria Cross as an Ordinary Seaman of the Royal Navy during the Great War John Henry Carless

Kamehameha Ii

Kalaninui kua Liholiho i ke kapu ʻIolani Kamehameha ii


Kamehamehamalu Kamāmalu


Karteria Karteria


Abdullah Ibn-Mohammed Al-Khalifa Khalifa

Khalifah Bin Said

Sultan Khalifah bin Said of Zanzibar Khalifah bin said


Horatio Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener KG, KP, GCB, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, PC Kitchener

Lal Singh

Lal Singh, Wazir of the Sikh Empire Lal singh

Lancashire And National Sea Training Homes

The Lancashire and National Sea Training Homes for Boys, a school for training boys for a life at sea Lancashire and National sea training homes

Lin Zexu

Lin Zexu Lin zexu

London Nautical School

A nautical school on the Thames London nautical school


Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah Mahdi

Majid Bin Said

Sultan Seiyd Majid bin Said of Zanzibar Majid bin said

Mangal Pandey

Soldier in the Indian Army Mangal pandey

Mohamed Sa'Id Pasha

Ruler of Egypt Mohamed Sa'id pasha

Nana Saheb Peshwa Ii

aristocrat and fighter, who led the rebellion in Kanpur Nana saheb peshwa ii

Nie Shicheng

Chinese general and leader of the Chinese forces during the Boxer Rebellion Nie shicheng


Also known as Jemmy Button Orundellico

Pedro I

The emperor of Portugal and Brazil Pedro i

Qin Rigang

Qin Rigang Qin rigang


Qishan Qishan

Rauf Pasha

Mohammed Rauf Pasha, the ineffective governor general of Sudan Rauf pasha