Churchill meets king Albert
Churchill meets king Albert

The Bluejackets Periods 20th Century Great war siege of Antwerp

Churchill meets king Albert

Winston Churchill comes to an agreement with King Albert about how they are going to defend Antwerp

The Belgian Queen and government leave Antwerp for the coast. Winston Churchill makes a day visit to Antwerp by special train in order to meet with Baron de Broqueville and King Albert. The King and the Field Army then leave in the direction of Ghent.

In there meeting Churchill and King Albert agreed that:

  • The Belgians would endeavour to defend the city for at least ten days.
  • Within three days the British government would confirm if it would be able to send a relieving force and, if it could, when it would arrive.
  • If the British could not offer this assurance, the Belgian government would be free to abandon the defence of Antwerp.
  • If the Belgian Field Army was to be withdrawn the British would send troops to Ghent to cover the retirement.