battle of Chinhat
battle of Chinhat

The Bluejackets Periods Victorian Indian mutiny

battle of Chinhat

Lawrence takes his forces out, but they switch sides and he only just manages to get back to Lucknow

Lawrence learns that rebels were gathering north of Lucknow and orders a reconnaissance force to go out and find out more about it. Despite having little military experience he decides to lead it himself.

Lawrence's forces were ambushed by a large force of rebels as they approached Ismaelgani. The 13th Native Infantry managed to push them back, only to find that they were withdrawing to pre-prepared positions.

Then Lawrence's soldiers decided to switch sides. The Indian artillerymen overturned their guns and cut the traces on the horses and the Sikh cavalrymen fled.

The British had to retreat before being cut off from the only bridge that would allow them to cross the Kukrail stream and get back to Lucknow. Rebel cavalry threatens to cut them off from the bridge, until a counter charge by volunteer cavalry pushes them back.

Lawrence positions his artillery on the bridge in order to cover the retreat. They had no ammunition left, but he hoped that the sight of them would scare off the rebels long enough for the rest of them to get back to Lucknow.